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Independent reporting is expensive.

Your backing ensures I can produce high-quality content – available in English – firmly rooted in the calm and factual perspective of German-Swiss journalism, offering a counterbalance to the sensationalism often times prevalent in American media.

Monthly Support 

Back my work with a monthly donation for

sustainable planning.

Single Donation

The traditional donation also fuels my ongoing work.

Sponsor Gear

Surprise me with a crucial accessory from my Amazon wishlist to keep me rolling. (Coming soon)

Your support makes a change.

Your support allowed me to buy plane tickets to countries others are fleeing, replace broken gear, and cover the cost of editing and other required software. It even fueled my late-night work sessions with caffeine.

Thanks to your support, I'm reaching wider audiences on YouTube, but also in magazines, through my new podcast, and on Instagram. Here are some photos showcasing my recent work.

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