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Factual. Independent. Frey.

As a young journalist and political commentator based in Europe, I focus on delivering balanced and factual reporting. My work spans the US, Europe, and the Middle East, driven by a desire to understand and convey the complexities of these regions.


I travel extensively, engaging with a wide range of voices—from experts to locals—to capture diverse perspectives. This approach helps me provide nuanced insights into political and economic issues without sensationalism.


In my writing, I aim to offer readers a clear and thoughtful understanding of global affairs. I am dedicated to thoroughly exploring and explaining the intricate dynamics that shape our world.

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“Understanding Politics,” hosted by European journalist and author Tom David Frey, delves into global politics with balanced, fact-driven analysis. Frey’s methodical approach sidesteps American-style sensationalism, offering well-researched insights on international events and trends. Perfect for listeners seeking clarity and depth, this podcast simplifies complex political issues, providing a refreshing break from hyperbolic commentary.

Also available on Spotify & Apple Podcasts.

Tom David Frey

Journalist & Political Commentator

Born in 1992, I come from the cultural blend of Germany and Switzerland. As a Christian by denomination, I'm a filmmaker, journalist, and content creator operating independently. With a liberal-conservative perspective, I aim to ignite impactful dialogues through my unbiased work.

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