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Liberal. Conservative. Frey.

Everyone loves short videos. Ideally, on Instagram and TikTok.

And for many, reading sensational-sounding headlines instead of understanding complex issues seems enough.

And if one opens an article, then it has to be compact in order to be fully read.

My approach is different: instead of flooding people with short messages, I love the art of researching and putting together thorough and in-depth analysis. Instead of spreading scary-sounding news, I tell background stories and do my best to share my knowledge and experiences. Usually, I leave current affairs to others and put the focus on the whole image.


My videos are longer than two minutes, and my texts more nuanced than most opinion pieces.

Maybe it is my Swiss side that makes me prefer calm and precise journalism over sensationalism.

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Tom David Frey

Year of birth




Germany + Switzerland






Filmmaker, Journalist, Content Creator



Independent (entrepreneur/self-employed)


Political orientation


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